List of Popular Washing Machine Brands in India 2020

In India, washing machines are amongst the most essential and popular home appliances. With the easy usability and features, the modern washing machines are providing better value for money to buyers. No matter what are your washing needs, the modern washing machines are capable enough to provide you pro-level clothes cleaning, that you literally can’t achieve by washing them by hands.

As a popular product for the homeowners, the washing machines are amongst the most home appliances with the widest range. Talking specifically about the Indian market, you can easily find a dozen of brands with hundreds of models available to the buyers. However, if you are looking for best-in-class performance and better value for money, the brand plays a very important role. And it is extremely important that you keep an eye on the brand value in addition to looking for the features the washing machine is providing to you.

So, whether you are buying the washing machine for the first time, or are looking to upgrade your washing machine with a more advanced and better machine, we will suggest you to go with a better brand. And in case you are unable to zero on a better brand for washing machines, we are happy to help you with that. In the article, we are going to talk about the four most reliable washing machine brands with a better service network across India.

So, just be with us until the end of the article. And you will be able to get a perfect washing machine for yourself that comes from a reliable brand and provides you a better value for money than others.

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Four most reliable washing machine brands that you can opt for

Brand plays an important whenever you are buying a home appliance in India. The branded product may look a bit expensive to some buyers, but when it comes to the features and reliability, the branded products are much superior to the local or new brands in the market. And the same point implies while purchasing a new washing machine.

A washing machine is meant to last for years. And thus you should always search for the best brand value and reliability. And if you are not sure about the brand you should go with, here are the top four brands for washing machines in India.

1. Samsung

Samsung has been a top-notch home appliance brand in India for the past many decades. And the reasons behind the enormous popularity of the brand and the trust of the buyers is the high-quality standards and excellent service throughout the country. The impeccable customer care services and top quality manufacturing standards make Samsung appliances better than most of the other brands available in the market.

Like the many other home appliances from the brand, Samsung washing machines are also a great appliance to own. Especially if you are looking to have a reliable and durable washing machine for yourself. As a  market leader and popular brand for the washing machines, Samsung has numerous popular models for the buyers of every category. No matter what your budget and washing needs are, you can easily find a reliable Samsung washing machine for yourself.

The wide range and excellent usability of the Samsung washing machine make it a worthy home appliance to have at home. So, if you are looking to have good care of your clothes and want to buy a highly reliable washing machine from a reputed brand, then you should look forward to buying a Samsung washing machine according to your needs and budget.

2. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is another excellent brand for the buyers who are looking to buy a reliable and easy to use washing machine for their homes. The perfect build quality and easy to use features are the two most valid reasons behind the enormous popularity of the brand in India. With the excellent build quality of the Whirlpool home appliances, the brand has established a good reputation and fan-following in India. The Whirlpool appliances are meant for those buyers who are looking for a heavy-duty product for their home. The easy to use features and affordable maintenance of the Whirlpool washing machine that make the brand an excellent performer for the homeowners.

Another reason behind the popularity of the brand in India is the wide service network of the company. Regardless of your location, you can easily get the professional help from the company experts in case you need some expert advice or maintenance of the machine. So, if you are looking to have a reliable washing machine that has a better list of features and is extremely easy to use, the Whirlpool Washing machine will be a worthy buy for you. Try your hands on it, and you won’t buy any other brand ever again.

3. LG

LG is another popular brand of home appliances in India. And the brand is popular among the buyers for the technology used in the products along with the unmatched services by the company professionals. Apart from the services, LG products are also popular for the value for money they provide to the buyers. The brilliant list of features and the easy usability of the LG washing machines make them a worthy item to consider for every Indian homeowner.

The LG washing machines are equipped with the most advanced technology and aremuch easier to use and maintainthanother popular brands in the market. Whether you choose the semi-automatic washing machine or go with the automatic machines, LG has a wide range of products to choose from. Also, almost every single washing machine model from LG offers great value for money and you won’t find any flaw in them regarding the performance or usability.

So,if you were looking to buy a reliable washing machine that can serve you for years without feeling outdated, the LG washing machines will be an ideal choice to go with. Try your hands on the models of LG washing machines that are in your budget and you are not going to regret your decision.

4. Bosch

Bosch appliances are popular among those buyers who are looking to buy a highly durable and excellently designed product for them. Whether it is about the durability or the perfect usability, the Bosch appliances have their own reputation across the world. The Bosch tools and appliances are tough and durable and this same implies to the washing machines from the brand. Regardless of the model you are choosing from the brand, you can be assured of getting the best performance, feature set, and usability.

The balanced and advanced washing algorithm used in the Bosch washing machines makes them one of the most premium and reliable washing machines to try on. Also, if you are looking to invest your money in a washing machine that is meant to last forever without the regular maintenance, the Bosch washing machines can be a worthy item to consider.

The Bosch washing machines have exclusive wash cycles that are hard to find even in the premium products out in the market. So, no matter how dirty your clothes are, the Bosch washing machines are capable enough to get rid of al dirt and odor from the clothes.

Additionally, the Bosch washing machines have a good range of automatic washing machines in the  Indian market and they are worth considering for the buyers who have a good budget and want to buy a reliable branded washing machine for them. With the excellent list of features, durable build quality, and unmatched value for money, Bosch washing machines are probably the best options to go with if you have a good budget and want to own a technically advanced washing machine for your home.

In all, the Bosch Washing machines are great to go with. Try your hands on the suitable washing machine models from Bosch and buy the one that fits your budget, offers you great usability, and offers the best value for your money.

Apart from these four, there are several other international brands available in the Indian market when it comes to reliable washing machines. However, if you are willing to get the best value for money and are looking for the best after-sales services and warranty, you should not look any further than these four brands. Just make sure that the model you are preferring from the brands fits your budget and offer you with the best set of features.

So, just know about your washing needs and find a perfect washing machine from these four brands to get the best value for your money.


So, these were the four most popular and trusted brands of washing machines in India. By choosing any model from these brands, you can be assured of getting the most efficient service, better value, and outstanding performance. So, whenever you are about to buy the washing machine for yourself, just make sure that you are choosing the machine from one of these brands. By doing this, you can easily get the most reliable washing machine for yourself.